Our History

On December 6, 2021, The Club de Enganches de Jerez (Carriage Club of Jerez) was constituted in the city of Jerez de la Frontera. This association, whose purpose is to promote the use of the horse-drawn carriage in all its modalities, is born under the utmost responsibility and respect that could be given to the use of carriages, in a city, historically known for its quality and respect for this kind of vehicle.

Jerez is a city known worldwide for the breeding of horses that have excelled in all equestrian disciplines. It has been a benchmark in traditional towing, and the most successful coachmen have been trained in the city’s prestigious cattle houses. Nowadays, there are still tack rooms and carriage yards of the highest heritage value and young fans are emerging to show a superb fondness for the art of guiding.

For compelling reasons such as these, the Club de Enganches de Jerez was founded, with the intention of enhancing the existing heritage, in the same way that through the club itself it is intended to promote and support, with the advice of experts, all fans who start in this traditional hobby.
The founding partners were Mr. Francisco Dorantes Caro, Mr. Manuel Valencia Robredo and Mr. Antonio Gutiérrez Martínez. The current President is Ms. Ángeles Mata.